Monday, January 07, 2008

Bring Back Rob Schilling (Re)Revisited

Leave it to the local mainstream media, this time courtesy of Bryan McKenzie at the Daily Progress, to depart from a newspaper's main job of reporting news and to jump into the deep end of biased opinion pushing. According to McKenzie, Schilling could "push the P.C. [note: I've never pushed a personal computer out of someone, but this is what McKenzie claims Schilling could do] out of a Charlottesville liberal and leave her/him screaming vague improprieties."

Perhaps Mr. McKenzie thinks that the voice of the people, those same people, who, according to Mr. McKenzie, "called, cajoled, and even blogged the station" is not nearly as well-informed as a reporter who fails to distinguish between facts and opinions and slathers a factually-based article with ill-informed opinions. I daresay that if there were such an outcry to get more Alan Colmes, James Carville, or even Kristen Powers, the whiny name-calling would not appear in Mr. McKenzie's articles.

Is it any wonder that the Daily Progess's website shows a declining readership over the past year? If staff members like Mr. McKenzie could stick to facts and leave editorial comments to the editorial pages, then perhaps that trend would change. Then again, perhaps the traffic surge and decline to WINA's site during Mr. Schilling's time on air is solely coincidental.

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